Integral Pelvic Therapy ® (IPT)

Integral Pelvic Therapy Haarlem

Integral Pelvic Therapy (IPT) is a complementary, holistic, body-oriented therapy that aims to restore health and balance in the female pelvis, on the physical, emotional, mental, energetical & spiritual level.


IPT is suitable for every woman who has pelvic related issues, like painful menstruation, tension in and or weakness of the pelvic muscles, infections, or trauma.

IPT can be beneficial if you experience:

// Pain during sex //

// Insensitivity in or shame around the pelvis //

// Heavy menstrual pain //


// Chronic bladder infections //


// Vulvodynia //


// Vaginismus //


// Sexual trauma //


// Scar tissue in the pelvic area //

IPT supports you towards: 

// Reconnecting with your pelvis and the sensations that live there //

// A feeling of spaciousness in the body, in particular in the pelvis //

// Pain reduction //


// Gaining clarity in feeling your boundaries and voicing them //

// Experiencing joy, ease and pleasure in the pelvis //

// Experiencing more appreciation for your body and your sexuality //

The intake

Before a session takes place, there will be an extensive intake of one hour. You will be asked to fill out an intake form. During the intake we will look at your intention and request for help, and we can discuss your medical background. The actual treatment is separate from the intake. At least 24 hours will be allowed between the intake and a possible first session, so a well-informed decision can be made. When we both feel that IPT could be of support to you, an appointment is made for the actual treatment.

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A session

Step by step, we bring awareness to the pelvis through gentle touch. Through soft and precise external and internal techniques, the fascia and muscles in the pelvis are examined, smoothed out, and adhesions may soften. The release of held tension patterns in the muscles and connective tissue allows the pelvis to function in balance again. As a result, instead of a numb or painful feeling, the sensitivity will return, which allows the natural self-healing capacity of the body to work its wonders. 

Embodied consent

One of the main pillars of IPT is full embodied consent. A safe container is created, through a continuous communication process between the client and practitioner. The client is encouraged to feel and voice her intentions & boundaries. Any step within a session will only take place, if and when she feels a full "yes". 

By working in this way, a woman can develop more connection to her pelvis, whilst remaining fully in charge of her own process. She is her own authority and teacher. She knows. 

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" Fysiek voel ik me na de sessie meer bevrijd in het bekken gebied. Ik voel meer mobiliteit. Ik heb opgemerkt dat ik schaamte en angst voelde om het bekkengebied te bewegen in vrijheid. Het lukt me nu om  meer vrijuit te bewegen vanuit het bekken. Het is heel fijn dit te ervaren en te voelen wat er gaande is. Dankjewel. Ik vond het een bijzondere sessie en bijzonder om met je te delen. Bedankt voor de veiligheid." 


- Rosanna -